donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Test 123 !! / Dragon Fruit nails

Hi everybody, okay so this is a test post. Nothing exciting or anything! Just checking out how things will look when I change all kind of options in this blog. I wanted this blog to look more professional so first I started to design a new logo. That was the hardest part! Choosing a background for your blog isn't an easy task either. But since this is a nail polish blog, of course I chose for a nail polish background. If you are still reading at this point, thank you for coming by my brand new blog! I hope you like it, and I try my best to post more frequently from now on.

But now on to the nails!

I had purchased four polishes from w7 and one of these reminded me of the seeds from Dragon Fruit so I just added a pink border to my nails after coating my nails with 2 coats of w7 Salt 'n Pepper. Cute right?

Still need to practice a bit on my bordering skills ;)

Hope you liked this first 'test' post

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