donderdag 5 december 2013

Snowflake Jelly Sandwich

Hey my lovely readers! Today I took a little break from the challenge - which I still didn't finish - to paint my nails more 'wintery'. So here's my Snowflake Jelly Sandwich!

Isn't this cute? It is so subtle and sweet yet so wintery! I didn't want it to be much of a Christmas manicure, we celebrate Sinterklaas before Christmas, so I think that's a little early. But the Xmas nails are definitely coming!

For this manicure I sandwiched OPI - Pirouette My Whistle between Catrice - Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower. I stamped the snowflakes with Essence - Stamp Me! White and used plates BM-323 & BM-H02.

I had fun doing these, but from now on I only do manis for the challenge till it ends.

Do you like these as much as I do? Please leave a comment below!

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