dinsdag 14 januari 2014

#31DC2013 Day 14: Flowers

Today I have for you day 14, flowers! I have many floral stamps to choose from, but I wanted to do some free hand nail art. So I did. I made some poppy's, or 'klaprozen' in Dutch. I painted two nails with poppy's and the rest of the nails are painted with two coats of W7 Lava Flow.

The three colours of Lava Flow are the same three colours I used in my poppy design. 
Essie Blanc as a base, for the red I used a mix of Essence Kiss On Top Of The Rock and Catrice Fred Said Red, and the black is Essence Black Is Back.

This polish remind me of poppy's because the black glitter looks like the seeds of a poppy and the red glitter comes really close to the colour of the poppy flower petals.

I really enjoyed painting these floral nails free hand. I did quite some stamping and tape manicures lately, so it was nice to put my painting skills in the design for a change.

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