maandag 14 oktober 2013

#31DC2013 Day 07: Black & White

Noooo! This post is delayed because of the weather. What?! It was so dark the last few days that I couldn't shot a single resonable picture of my nails. I'm trying again today.

As I told in my previous post, I'm excited to post this Black & White. I really like how it turned out! Let's take a look at the pictures, shall we?

I already knew I wanted to stamp today's challenge. As I recieved a lot of stamping plates in the mail lately, I had plenty of choice for the design. I chose Essie Blanc as the base colour and stamped with Essence Stamp Me! Black.

For the thumb I stamped the tribal / aztec design from BM-402, for my pointy finger I used the chevron pattern from BM-423, my middle finger is stamped with the triangle pattern from BM-414, for my ring finger I used the houndstooth / pied de poule pattern from BM-322 and my pinky is stamped with the stripes from BM-411.

Seche Vite made everything perfect. It smoothed everything out, gave it an enormous shine and it made the black much more dark! I have to work this evening, so I expect this manicure not to last much more longer, but that's okay, because I can just continue the challenge and paint some metallic nails!

Please let me know what you feel about this Black & White manicure in the comments below!

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